Ayurveda - holistic, gentle healing

Pamper body and soul - find your natural balance

Your Ayuerveda cure will be both - traditional and authentic, no matter where you put your focus (panchakarma, figure, stress, specific clinical pictures). The Garden Beach Ayurveda Resort is fortunate to have a very well-trained, experienced and excellently treatment team, closeley with our experienced team of Ayurveda doctors. This cooperation allows you the best possible path of cure success.


What is Ayurveda and what can it do? If you want to read more about the more than 3000 year old medicine - go on here



From Ayurveda light to Panchkarma cure. You decide what you want. We are happy to help. If you prefer a Pancha-karma cure, we recommend at least 2 weeks - 3 weeks are better- 4 weeks are best. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary. More details...

Yoga & Meditation

An Ayurveda cure also includes regularly yoga. For everyone - who is interested. You will receive your own yoga mat for your stay. This is complemented with meditations, Thai-Chi and music therapy as well as Ayurveda lectures.


We cook 3 times a day - fresh from market or organic farms.

Each meal is individually prepared for you. The ayurvedic kitchen is predominantly vegetarian. In addition, different types of tea are always available at the tea bar.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly per email.