Ayurveda - the oldest healing system in the world

Millennia old and incredibly beneficial

What is Ayurveda and what can it do?

Below you will find a small journey into the Ayurveda philosophy ( see download). However, you don't need to dig deep into it beforehand. Whatever need brings you to an Ayuerveda cure - just get involved and you will be pleasantly surprised.


What do we offer:

An Ayurveda cure always aims to cleanse body, soul and spirit and brings them back into balance and harmony. Regardless of whether your focus is on body (overweight / underweight), stress, rejuvenation, or more serious illness, you can benefit on the Panchakarma cure. Our many years of experience have shown that a 21 to 28 day stay produces the best results. Since we know that not everyone can spare so much time, the doctors recommend at least 14 days so that the body has enough time to let go and regenerate. Of course, you can also use your stay as a pure beauty treatment. Because Ayurveda makes you shine.


Your Ayurveda cure / Panchakarma cure will be looked after by our qualified team of doctors and therapists. Our doctors are always available to answer any questions you may have. Likewise, one of the Ayurveda doctors gives an Ayurveda lecture at regular intervals where different areas of Ayurveda teaching are explained and, of course, questions are answered.

All of our doctors have completed a medical degree with a degree in Ayurveda medicine with a focus on Panchakarma cure.

Upon your arrival, the head doctor will carry out a detailed analyses and, in consultation with you, will draw up your individual treatment and meal plan. Enjoy at least four treatments a day tailored to your constitutional type, including a variety of massage treatments, head treatments (Shiro Abhyangy), facial treatments (Waktra Abyanga), forehead treatments (Shirodara), nose cleansing (Nasya Karma), steam, herbal and flower baths. Furthermore, our Ayurvedic cosmetics - a traditional beauty care from the outside - rounds off your Ayurveda cure. To further support your cure for body, mind and soul, we also offer yoga, Thai-Chi, meditation and music therapy.


Even with the extensive cure treatments, you will have enough free time to relax or pursue various activities outside the resort.



Which course focus is right for me?

Since we do not make any price differentiations for the type of cure, you can discuss everything with your Ayurvedic doctor on site and then decide which focus is the right for you. On request, we always have German and English speaking guest services.


What does a cure day at the resort look like?

Usually the day begins at 6:30am with a yoga class, one day at 7am with Thai-Chi, breakfast is at 8am. The treatments in the newly built treatment center in the garden begin at 8.30 a.m. The very charming lunch Bell Rings at 1pm. From 2 to approx. 4.30 pm the treatments continus.

You usually have 4 treatments a day. Often there are two in the morning and two in the afternoon. However, that can shift from time to time ;-). If you are planning an excursion - we always try to coordinate the treatments according to your plans.

Around 7pm the bell rings again to Annonce the dinner. Before, between and after the treatments, you can spend your time as you like. You need to worry about nothing. Everything will be taken care of for you and you can let yourself drift, relax and be care vor you. Enjoy, regenerate and recharge.


More detailed information on all topics related to Ayurveda as download!

Ayurvedic philosophie
The pillars of Ayurveda
Panchakarma cure
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All details about "all including cure package ” can be found in the current price list (download)

Yoga & Ayurveda
Yoga and its meaning
Yoga techniques
Thai-Chi, Meditation,
Music therapy
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If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly per email.