Sri Lanka - tropical and fascinating

Tea, cinnamon, moonstones, ancient traditions and religion shape this land

Ayubowan! Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) - the gateway to Asia - is an island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean. The total area of approx. 65,000 square meters is a bit smaller than Bavaria (Germany). The climate is tropical, the landscape varied from rainforest to miles of sandy beaches. It is precisely this tropical climate that allows everything to flourish here.

The pearl of Asia is famous for its trade goods such as coconuts, tea, coffee and cinnamon as well as the old Buddhist ruins such as the Sigiriya fortress from the 5th century. A multi-layered, culturally strong and varied country in which the Buddhist influence accompanies us every step of the way. Country & people: always friendly, colorful and happy.

It is definitely worth diving a little deeper into our beautiful country. Our island paradise has so many facets you can discover! We are already looking forward to your visit!


Even with the extensive spa treatments, you will have enough free time to relax or pursue various activities outside the resort. We offer excursions into the surrounding area, which take place in the morning as well as in the afternoon. This means that every guest has the opportunity to take part.


If you want more, we recommend a round trip before the cure.

Small excursions

We offer excursions to explore the culture, landscape, art and the water world. These are usually 1/2 day trips. On request, we can organize your individual program with your own guide.


Travel around

Sri Lanka has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. If you would like a round trip in connection with your Ayurveda cure, we would be happy to organize it for you.


Daily life is vibrant in the immediate vicinity of the resort. Take a short detour into the surrounding area with us - like a visit to the market in Kosgoda - an experience!

Your team from The Garden Beach Ayurveda Resort will also take care of you outside the resort. We always try to realize your wishes. We have put together a small, fine excursion program (4 hours to day tours) Witz al low you to visit markets and festivals. Let the local stuff take you to the full moon mass in the nearby temple. Our guide is at your side with words and deeds and gives you a deeper insight into the mentality of the country and its people. You are cordially invited - as more than a guest - and just feel at home.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly per email.